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Let the music carry you. . .

Let the words paint a picture. . .




music producer

& author of poetry

. . .

I  am also an avid educator

of my fields of interest:

music & literature.



In morning thoughts

In morning thoughts

of invading sunlight

through wooden shades

and dark sheets

with soft shadows

what distance

have we apart

from reality,

from the eyes of dream,

from our love

and everything in between?

then the confusion settled and i

was without you listening to

nature's nightly noises wondering

where life has fled to

at the twilight bar chaos

spun and spinning me in a cold sweat

i set the sun below these

unbelievable eyes of mine

forcing i to become it

the infinitude of our reality

spiritus mundi

where the micro meets the macro

and in splendid accord accosts all love

yes love

also wrapping and spinning with i it us

none around these absurd cycles

all around these absurd cycles

wondrously perilous to it

never in control of it

always conquering only ourselves

for they were everywhere but here

Rising along the colored sky,

the wet sand melting my feet,

the rushing water about to retreat,

waves breaking like jewels dropping

on glass,

you knew you had me, had me at last.

Your eyes were sincerely

gazing out quite queerly

into the ocean and the beyond.

Yet where were your thoughts my dear

for they were everywhere but here.

Now a great big gust

blows at our souls

and your heart is feather

which flies away

O could you remind why...

why I've been chasing you down

all day?

forget me

for all i am

is a name

written in sand

on a windy day

watch how i fade

and drift away